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Hey! My name is Niah Percia and I am a Hair Stylist in the San Francisco Bay Area. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be someone that helped people. I have always had an interest in hair (especially trying to manage my own) so I suppose it was inevitable that I pursued a career as a Hair Stylist! With a little under a decade of experience in the industry, I must say it has been such a rewarding journey. I know that everyday I go to work, I am able to help women feel beautiful! Hair is truly my passion and my attention to detail is always on point.

In my free time I enjoy attending concerts, traveling, being a total foodie, and spending time with my best friend and Husband, Josiah. Whether I'm in the salon working with you or on the beach sipping a Pina Colada, I always try to have positive vibes!

As a Paul Mitchell - The School [East Bay, Pleasant Hill] Alumni, it is no surprise that I enjoy coloring and styling hair. However, no matter what service I am performing, I always keep the health of my clients hair first and foremost. Once you sit down in my chair, I am all-in to help you find the best hairstyles for your day to day life or upcoming special events.

My Specialty:

Although I enjoy all things hair and beauty, I have taken a special interest in hair color and texture. What draws me to like hair color? It fulfills my artistry! Coloring hair reminds me of an artist painting on a blank canvas. You can enhance the clients skin tone, and even bring their eye color to life.

Something that I absolutely fell in love with was learning how to take care of curly hair textures. Until more recently, there has not been a lot of information or education on how to take care of wavy, curly or coily hair textures. I have made it my mission to help clients manage & maintain their natural hair texture!

Are you ready to take your haircare to the next level? Send me a message on the Contact page to request a consultation today! I look forward to working with you!

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